Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Always Good to Be Home

The second midterm examination had just finished and I have 1 week for holiday, right before final exam of the first semester...and it was time to go to Bogor, because my parents asked me to visit if i had some spare time, so i can't refuse hehe

And it's such a luck that my parents got me quite cheap tickets during this high season (because it's almost Christmast and also a looong holiday, students finished their first semester in school already).
So I went to Juanda Airport, had flight to Jakarta from there. Usually I took flight from Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport directly to Soekarno Hatta Airport, but in order to get cheaper flights, and I was so curious about Juanda Airport too, I decided to took flight from Juanda Airport. 

Friday evening, the travel picked me up at 16.00, then picked my friend up before going to the airport. We choosed the same travel agency so we thought we could have some conversations there but, the fact : I sat in the back and he sat in the front, and the middle seat of Innova car separated us so we couldn't have any conversation during the trip -_- . Sooo our journey from Malang to Juanda International Airport took 3 hours, with traffic jam everywhere, crowd, trucks, bus everywhere, and so on, bcos I thought Malang-Surabaya were just like Bogor-Jakarta, but ACTUALLY it's more likely that Malang-Surabaya = Bogor-Bandung , and Bogor-Jakarta = Sidoarjo-Surabaya, and it was very exhausting.

Arrived at Juanda, it was 20.00, i thought. My friend and I should took different gate. It was likely we won't meet again after this, we had our farewell in the front, then we went into different gate. After that I checked in, put my luggage, and after everything had already done I took a stroll from the edge of Juanda Airport into another edge of Juanda Airport. IMHO, this airport is bigger than any other airport in the capital city of Indonesia (of course, I haven't been to the new Lombok International Airport and Kuala Namu International Airport, Medan). The airport looks quite elegant, it resembles some parts of Soekarno Hatta International airport, though

Then what?? My flight got delayed for about 1 hour, but it was just okay because I didn't rush, and I had a good time in the airport though, means that I had time to read some materials for exam hehee. While waiting, I also texted my friend to have an appointment in the school, I mean, SMAN 1 Bogor in the next morning at 09.00, told him that I wanted to have a Sekolah-Warteg-Tempat Les tour again just like what I did before I went to Malang hehe.

Soo, after 1 hour and 15 minutes flight I arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, it was 00.00 something. After I got off the plane I needed to take the bus again to get into the right gate..idk it was already dark. Then I quickly picked my luggage, went to the exit gate and finally met my father :) . Then we got into the car and my mother, my brother were sleeping there. So here we go, finally, Soekarno Hatta-Grogol-Taman Mini-Cibubur-Cibinong-Bogor-Home ! The route was quite nostalgic,eh no, everything was so nostalgic hahaha. It was also drizzling outside, it's truly Bogor lah!

Finally I'm home, and yeah, It's always good to be home... You've got to feel it, only if you had been away for a while from home. 

Then I finally had my sekolah-warteg-tempat les tour, asked my friend about how is everyone doing out there, hmm so many things I need to catch up anyway.

The next day was family time, of course, house is the best place for it :D

The day after the next day I went to Sentul by bicycle. Asked my another friend to join but he can't, so I went there by myself, but it was ok bcos I really miss bicycling, though...

Then on my last day in Bogor, of course, I wouldn't miss a visit to...Botani Square ! Met some high school friends there hehe

Sooo it's time to go to Malang. Had really a good time in Bogor. Then I just realized, I think there are some parts of my life that are missing since I leave Bogor, I mean, I just can't do some particular activities here, like bicycling, cooking, family time, etc. It's not like I'm not having a good time here but sometimes I just feel so "empty".

MaybeI should live my life more, here, from now on. Time will heal, I'm suree!
H-1 Final Exam
Wish me luck :)

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