Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gemstone - Year Book Photoshot
Location : Kampung Wisata Cinangneng
Date/ Time : April 25th - 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

1.5 km journey, it was exciting, and a little bit boring  
(Models: Nanda Aulia, Kevin Pratama)

We should write our name, our school-name, and "Cinangneng" on it, be creative!
(Model: Rama Nuzuli)

Washing Buffalo
No, it wasn't :D we just sat on the buffalo
(Models: Everyone)

We also cultivated some paddys!Interesting, isn't it?
(Model: Fhani Meliana)

Home Industrial
There are some home-industrials there, they make bags, shoes, some traditional musical instruments,enggrang
(Model: Ahmad Ikbal)

We were curious, so we made some homemade wayangs, its quite easy, try it!
(Models: Hana Ghina, Juliastika Puspaningtyas, Nanda Aulia, Alif Hidayat, Iman Fauzi, Kevin Pratama)

Traditional Drink and Food-Making
Bugis cake, eh? and Wedang Jahe,damn easy to make! haha
(Models: Iman Fauzi, Hana Ghina)

Traditional Dance
Jaipongan, huh...Boys won't do it you know?But finally we did it 
(Models: Regia Pursof, Anggraeni Mukaromah, Shadrina Fitri, Nadia Rahmadianty)

 These intrumets are easy to play,
(Models: Karina Rahma, Firman Aziz, Kevin Pratama, Juliastika Puspaningtyas)

Well, our journey is not about to end, but it's about to start 

Good Luck Everyone! Let's do our best, for a better future!
-Great and Excellent Mates Stand to be One-

Keep in touch guys & girls !


Regia Purnama Shofriyah said...

waaah yang ini lebih lengkap. keren-keren, banyak hasi jepretan gw wgwgwg :D
eh komen juga ya yg di punya gw ^^

Nadia Mauli said...

Ada akunyaaaa *ting ting :3